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Lightweight Concealable Stab proof vest

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Application:Army Millitary Tactical Police Security
Model Number:LR-BV55
Material:UHMWPE UD/ Aramid UD
Weight:Apx. 2.4kg
Protection Level:NIJ0115.00 I/II
Protection Area:0.26-0.34m2
Certificate:USA HP Lab Tested
Type:Soft Bullet proof Vest

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Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Model Number: LRBV-01
Material: UHMWPE UD/ Aramid UD
Weight: Apx. 2.0kg
Protection Level:
NIJ IIIA 9mm/ .44Mag
Protection Area: 0.26-0.34m2
Color: Customized
Size: S-XXXL
Certificate: USA HP Lab Tested
Application: Army Millitary Tactical Police Security
Service: Accept OEM ODM


Kindly inform us your preferable soft body armor as per below armor solutions.

Bullet Proof Vest NIJ 0101.06 level 2
NIJ 0101.06 level 3A (♥popular♥)
Stab Proof Vest

NIJ 0115.00 level 1

NIJ 0115.00 level 2

NIJ 0115.00 level 3
Bullet Proof & Stab Proof Vest NIJ 0101.06 level 2 & NIJ 0115.00 level 1
NIJ 0101.06 level 2 & NIJ 0115.00 level 2
NIJ 0101.06 level 2 & NIJ 0115.00 level 3
NIJ 0101.06 level 3A & NIJ 0115.00 level1(♥popular♥)
NIJ 0101.06 level 3A & NIJ 0115.00 level 2
NIJ 0101.06 level 3A & NIJ 0115.00 level 3

* Stab Proof Vest

1. MATERIAL: Aramid fabric composite of steel chip.
2. PERFORMANCE: Resisting puncturing power of 24J/36J.
3. PROTECTIVE AREA: 0.26-0.34 m2, covering the chest / back / sides.
5. TOTAL WEIGHT: 1.7-2.1 kg.
6. CRITERIA: NIJ level 1 / 2.
8. FEATURES: Comfortable, concealable, impact resistant, flexible to bend inwards only, top performance.

* Knife Cut Stab Slash Proof Tactical Security Body Combat Vest suitable for the people of USA, Canada, England

1. Outside: poly nylon fabric
2. Inside: aramid composite
3. Weight: 2.4kg,size:L
4. Protective area: front chest and back of your body about 0.32m2
5. Adjustable size with shoulder and waist fastening velcro
6. Easy to wear
7. Usage: security police and safeguards and personal defense
8. It can effectively prevent people from the attack of sharp weapons.

Security guard and etc.

* Carrier Size: S,M,L,XL,XXL / custom size.
* Color: black /white /OG/ Camo / Tan / upon request.
* Protective Coverage: front and rear,waist (Add groin/neck/arms are available).
* Protective Area for Soft Armor Panels: 0.26m2-0.38m2 / upon request.
* Threat Level( Bullet proof stab proof vest ): Certified NIJ-STD-0101.04 level IIIA and NIJ0115.00NIJI /NIJII which can stop the common pistol/handgun threats like 9mm , multi-hits capabilities(min.6 hits). And 24J /3J energy.
* Removable and Flexible Soft Armor Panel(front & rear), which heat sealed in black colored waterproof and airtight nylon envelopes to perfectly protect the ballistic material from moisture and UV, this is designed to ensure its service life (min.5 years)as long as possible. The anti trauma pad made from polycarbonate(PC) and high density foam could be added into the envelope to decrease the deformation depth upon request.


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