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The Company has a provincial engineering and technology center and is equipped with a variety of testing and detectingequipmentfor product research and development test.In addition, a number of products of the Company have been rated as high-tech products in Jiangsu Province, and the Company has more than 80 technical patents and assumes a number of provincial and national science and technology research and development projects.

  • Lightweight Concealable Stab proof vest

    Lightweight Concealable Stab proof vest

    Application:Army Millitary Tactical Police Security
    Model Number:LR-BV55
    Material:UHMWPE UD/ Aramid UD
    Weight:Apx. 2.4kg
    Protection Level:NIJ0115.00 I/II
    Protection Area:0.26-0.34m2
    Certificate:USA HP Lab Tested
    Type:Soft Bullet proof Vest