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Ceramic UHMW PE Bulletproof Aluminum Plate

Short Description:

Level IV Ceramic UHMW PE Bulletproof Aluminum Plate Body Armor Carrier Plate
Material:UHMWPE +Ceramic/UHMWPE Only
Style:Bulletproof Plate
Certificate:US HP Lab Test Report/CE /ISO
cover:textile /polyurea
Protection Level:NIJ0101.06 IIIA/III/IV
Feature:Lightweight/ waterproof/ samll BFS
Use:Bulletproof vest/ Backpack/ Armor Vehicle

Product Detail

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Product Performance Description

1. The multi-curved bulletproof plate is ergonomically designed into a variety of arc shapes, supplemented by reasonable cutting angles, which is convenient for tactical actions and comfortable to wear.
2. The product has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-aging, anti deformation treatment, stable bulletproof performance and long service life in harsh and rough service environment.
3. The bulletproof performance of the product complies with the NIJ standard.
4. Product structure: It is made of high-performance polyethylene fiber weft free cloth pressed by special process, and wrapped with composite buffer materials around the insert plate. The appearance can be coated with waterproof cloth or environmental friendly polyurea spraying, which has good waterproof and ultraviolet protection function to achieve a long-term and stable bulletproof performance.

Parameter Configuration

1. Protection level: NIJ IIIA ~ NIJ IV
2. Specification: 250*300mm, 280*360mm, customiz
3. Material: uhmwpe or uhmwpe composite with ceramics
4. Instructions:
1) The insert plate must be used together with Bulletproof Vest or Stab proof Vest. The insert plate can be placed into the insert plate bag of the Bulletproof Vest or Stab proof Vest.
2) The plate cannot be used after being hit by bullets.
5. Notes:
1) For the first use, the ex factory date and product certificate shall be checked, and the bulletproof insert plate can be used only after it is confirmed that it is within the storage period.
2) For the bulletproof insert plate after repeated use, pay attention to whether its service time is within the specified period. The bulletproof insert plate beyond the period of validity cannot be used again.
6. Notes for maintenance after use:
1) Check each main part and function normally after each use.
2) When not in use for a period of time, the dust on the surface of the Bulletproof Vest shall be removed by patting. The Bulletproof Vest shall be placed flat in a cool and dry place to avoid creases in the bulletproof sheet, resulting in the decline of service performance.
3) After used in a wet water environment, it must be dryed before storage.
4) The bulletproof plate that has not been used for a long time should be stored in a cool and dry place, put a package of moisture-proof agent in the package, regularly drying and maintenance to prevent the surface from being wet, moldy, mildew and mildew. Once mildew is found, it should be dried and removed immediately.

Quick Details

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China
Material:UHMWPE +Ceramic/UHMWPE Only
Style:Bulletproof Plate
Certificate:US HP Lab Test Report/CE /ISO
cover:textile /polyurea
Protection Level:NIJ0101.06 IIIA/III/IV
Feature:Lightweight/ waterproof/ samll BFS
Use:Bulletproof vest/ Backpack/ Armor Vehicle
Product name:Armor Plate /Bulletproof Plate


-Ballistic Material : ceramic & laminated UHMW-PE backing plate for Rilfe Protection, UHMWPE / Aramid for Pistol Protection

i)  ICW.(short for In Conjuction With),means the HARD armor plate has to be used along with a level IIIA or lower threat SOFT armor panel to perfectly protect against the III/IV rating rifle threats,which actually lighter than SA. plates but not tough enough
ii) SA.(short for Stand Alone),means the HARD armor plate can protect against the III/IV rating rifle threats without any SOFT armor panels.♥Popular♥

-Plate Sizes(Width×Length)
For Torso: 250mm×300mm(10×12″)♥Popular♥, 280×360mm (11×14″)/ custom size
For two sides: 150*150mm(6×6″),150*200mm(6×8″), 200*200mm(8×8″) / custom size
For vehicle/wall /vessel armor :500*500mm, 700*700mm, 1100*1100mm, 1500*1500mm / custom size

-Plate Curvature: single curved /multi curved /flat
-Plate Cut Style :shooters cut / Square cut / SAPI cut / ASC /upon request

-Outer Cover Processing
i)  Textile cover:durable black colored water proof nylon fabric padded with foaming cloth on the edges of the plates(Cost Effective option)
ii) advanced anti-spalling Line-X( polyurea) coating finish all around the plate surface which provides matchless fragmentation/ shrapnels absorption performance without secondary damage (Premium option

Model No. Threat Level Ballistic Material Weight
LY-P3A NIJ Level IIIA UHMWPE 0.45kg±0.05
LY-K3A ARAMID 0.5kg±0.05
LY-Y3D NIJ Level III, Stand Alone(SA.) Ceramic & UHMWPE 2.1kg±0.05
LY-T3D Ceramic & UHMWPE 1.8kg±0.05
LY-P3D UHMWPE 1.55kg±0.05
LY-Y3X NIJ Level III, In Conjunction with(ICW.) Ceramic & UHMWPE 1.7kg±0.05
LY-T3X Ceramic & UHMWPE 1.5kg±0.05
LY-P3X UHMWPE 1.0kg±0.05
LY-Y3PD NIJ Level III+, Stand Alone(SA.) Ceramic & UHMWPE 2.55kg±0.05
LY-T3PD Ceramic & UHMWPE 2.2kg±0.05
LY-Y3PX NIJ Level III+, In Conjunction with(ICW.) Ceramic & UHMWPE 1.95kg±0.05
LY-T3PD Ceramic & UHMWPE 1.7kg±0.05
LY-Y4D NIJ Level IV, Stand Alone(SA.) Ceramic & UHMWPE 2.85kg±0.05
LY-T4D Ceramic & UHMWPE 2.3kg±0.05
LY-Y4X NIJ Level IV, In Conjunction with(ICW.) Ceramic & UHMWPE 2.65kg±0.05
LY-T4X Ceramic & UHMWPE 2.1kg±0.05
LY-Y4PD NIJ Level IV+, Stand Alone(SA.) Ceramic & UHMWPE 3.2kg±0.05
LY-T4PD Ceramic & UHMWPE 2.8kg±0.05
LY-Y4PX NIJ Level IV+, In Conjunction with(ICW.) Ceramic & UHMWPE 2.85kg±0.05
LY-T4PX Ceramic & UHMWPE 2.5kg±0.05


1.Q: Are you a factory or trading factory?
A: We are factory supplier. Our office is located in Zhenjiang city, Jiangsu province.

2.Q: How about the quality of your product?

A: Product quality is the most important condition to a long-term relationship.

3.Q: Can you provide free samples?
A: We can send you samples but not for free.You need to pay the samples and freight.

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