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How to choose a bulletproof backpack

When it comes to bulletproof products, we may first think of bulletproof vests, bulletproof shields, bulletproof inserts and other equipment. These products are bulky and not so comfortable to wear, except for the need for work and not suitable for daily use, so many people have not actually contacted these equipment.

If you want better protection from bullets in your daily life, a bulletproof backpack is a great choice. Bulletproof backpack as the name implies can be used to bulletproof backpack, it is the combination of backpack and bulletproof chip, through the design of the chip can be well combined with the backpack and fixed. It is mainly used to protect the wearer’s back from the attack of guns, but can also be held as a shield when necessary, more importantly its comfort and convenience, which makes the bulletproof backpack can provide us with the ability to protect us from guns in daily life.

In some countries, traditional use of guns and lax policies have led to frequent shootings. In particular, school shootings in recent years have become a major concern for many parents who are concerned about their children’s lives. How to protect children’s life safety, to avoid harm is undoubtedly the most concerned problem for parents. To meet this practical need, manufacturers are beginning to consider developing a device that can protect the wearer in everyday life. Therefore, the backpack and bulletproof chip bulletproof backpack emerged.



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So is it really necessary to buy and wear a bulletproof backpack?

In areas with poor security and frequent shootings, it is necessary to buy bulletproof backpacks for children who go to school every day. With the development of science and technology and technological progress, bulletproof backpack is constantly upgraded and updated, more styles and more practical design is more in line with the needs of students and business people. Our LINRY ARMOR bulletproof backpack, for example, is equipped with an external USB charging device and has been designed in different capacities for students and business people.

Is it legal for individuals to buy and wear bulletproof backpacks?

People who decide to buy bulletproof backpacks may consider whether they are legal. In fact, ordinary citizens can online or offline according to their own needs and preferences to buy their own bulletproof backpack, generally speaking, the purchase and wearing of bulletproof backpack is legal.

How much protection does a bulletproof backpack have?

The Bulletproof Backpack are all NIJ IIIA class, which can withstand direct time shots from 9mm/.44 and other high-power handguns at a distance of 15 meters. One might think that’s inadequate, but shooting is often a complex scene and many injuries are not caused by direct fire from such close range. And considering the weight of the bulletproof chip and the actual gun crime, the NIJ IIIA level is quite adequate.

How to choose high-quality bulletproof backpack?

People buy bulletproof backpacks for the purpose of being able to resist bullet attacks and better maintain their own life safety. Therefore, the quality of bulletproof backpacks is also an important issue that people pay attention to. A good bulletproof backpack can effectively resist or mitigate bullet damage, while a bad backpack can’t provide effective protection for the wearer. Therefore, when buying bulletproof knapsacks, we must choose a more authoritative brand, which is responsible for our own life. At present, there are many authoritative manufacturers of bulletproof knapsacks in the world, such as Bullet Blocker, Guard Dog and Linry Armor .

These businesses have excellent RESEARCH and development teams, as well as years of professional experience in the production of bulletproof equipment, the production of bulletproof products are in line with NIJ standards, can be assured to buy and use.

Post time: Jul-17-2021