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Characteristic of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene



1. very high wear resistance

Ultra high tube molecular weight up to more than 2 million, the wear index is minimal, giving it an extremely high resistance to sliding friction. Wear resistance is 6.6 times higher than ordinary alloy steel and 27.3 times higher than stainless steel. It is 17.9 times of phenolic resin, 6 times of nylon, 4 times of polyethylene, greatly improving the service life of the pipeline.


2. high impact resistance

The impact toughness value of uHMW-pipeline is the highest among existing engineering plastics. Many materials will crack, break, break or surface stress fatigue under severe or repeated explosion impact. This product according to GB1843 standard, the cantilever beam impact test to achieve no damage, can withstand external strong impact, internal overload, pressure fluctuation.



3. corrosion resistance

Uhmw-pe is a kind of saturated molecular group structure, so its chemical stability is very high, the product can resist the erosion of strong chemical substances, in addition to some strong acid at high temperature has slight corrosion, in other alkali, acid is not corroded. It can be used in concentrated hydrochloric acid with concentration less than 80%. It is quite stable in sulfuric acid with concentration less than 75% and nitric acid with concentration less than 20%.


4. good self-lubrication

Because UHMWPE tube contains waxy material, and its own lubrication is very good. The friction coefficient (196N, 2 hours) is only 0.219MN/m (GB3960). Its sliding performance is superior to that of oil lubricated steel or brass. Especially in the harsh environment, dust, silt and many places, the product’s own dry lubrication performance is more fully displayed. Not only can move freely, and protect the relevant workpiece from wear or strain.


5. unique low temperature resistance

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe has excellent low temperature resistance, and its impact resistance and wear resistance are basically unchanged at minus 269 degrees Celsius. It is currently the only engineering plastic that can operate at temperatures close to absolute zero. At the same time, uHMWPE pipe has a wide temperature tolerance, which can work in the temperature of -269℃ to 80℃ for a long time.


6. It is not easy to scale

Uhmwpe pipe has good surface non-adhesion and high pipe finish due to its low friction coefficient and non-polarity. Existing materials generally scale in the medium with PH value above 9, but uHMWPE pipe does not scale, which is of great significance for the coal ash discharge system in thermal power plants. In crude oil, mud and other transport pipeline is also very suitable.


7. long shelf life

Uhmwpe has fewer unsaturated genes in its molecular chain, and its fatigue strength is more than 500,000 times. It has the best stress cracking resistance and environmental stress cracking resistance. 4000H, more than 2 times of PE100, buried for 50 years or so, can still maintain more than 70% of the mechanical properties.


8. Easy installation

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW—-PE) pipe unit length proportion is only one eighth of the steel pipe weight, so that loading and unloading, transportation, installation is more convenient, and can reduce the labor intensity of workers, UHMW-PE pipe has strong anti-aging, 50 years is not easy to aging. Regardless of the ground erection, or buried underground can be. Whether welding or flange connection can be installed, safe, reliable, fast and convenient, no corrosion, labor and labor saving, fully reflects the use of uHMWPE pipeline “energy saving, environmental protection, economic and efficient” superiority.


9. Other features

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe and energy absorption, noise absorption, anti-static, electronic shielding ability, not water absorption, light gravity, easy machining, coloring and other prominent characteristics

Post time: Jan-16-2021