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Fast Style Bulletproof Helmet

Short Description:

Fast Style Bulletproof Helmet
Protection Level:NIJ IIIA
Ballistic Performance:.44/9mm
Material:Aramid fabric
Style:Fast style
Protection Area:0.13m2
Color:Black, OG, UN blue/upon request
Application:Military Safety

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Product Performance Description

The helmet shell is made of pure imported aramid woven fabric or uhmwpe. The interior uses the HEAD-LOC suspension technology. At the same time, the interior is equipped with EPP cushion with lightweight, impact resistance, ventilation and other characteristics. Equipping with OCC-DIAL adjustable headband, it can tighten the head space just by twisting the knob gently. The headwear design on both sides can place the pickup and noise reduction communication headphones such as COMTAC / SORDIN inside the helmet, which can connect the equipment with many functions such as headlights, cameras, goggles, communication equipment and HALO mask.

Parameter Configuration

1. Composition structure: Composed of helmet body and suspension buffer system (Tactical guide rail, cuttlefish stem, Velcro, sponge anti-seismic buffer layer, jaw belt, connector, etc.).
2. Material: The helmet shell is made of aramid dipping machine woven cloth or uhmwpe.
3. Helmet weight: ≤1.72KG

Product name: Fast Bulletproof helmet
Product type: FAST style
Bulletproof material: Aramid fabric
Surface of helmet: Polyurea
Protective level: NIJ IIIA 9mm or .44 Mag
Suspension system: HEAD-LOC
Size: L-XL
Weight: 1.3-1.55kg
Warranty: 5 years
OCC-DIAL system: 1. Lightweight, multi-impact, ventilated liner with repositionable EPP impact pads and LDV closed-cell comfort foam that is not affected by temperature, altitude, or moisture .2. Gives helmet 4x more stability than standard issue ACH helmet suspension/retention products.

3. Designed for use with headband style COMMs - fitband quickly detaches to allow convenient donning and doffing of headsets with internal top headbands.


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